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The Best Large Breed Dog Food Suitable for Your Canine’s Lifestyle

Do you have an adorable lap dog weighing 50lbs or more? Then you must have enjoyed the company of your large breed baby. Dogs are more than just pets, in fact, they are considered as part of the family. As we love them so much, we should take care of the food they eat. A nutritious diet with all essential supplements will help your pup build and maintain lean muscle and live an active life.

Hi, I am Britta Thygesen, and my love for pups paved the way for what I am today. I am passionate about taking care of dogs and have sufficient experience as a dog trainer and animal professional. I love helping people with queries and problems related to pups health and planning to launch my dog training center in California very soon.

While I am not a veterinarian, you can trust me as an expert. I wanted to transmit my love for dogs and write a comprehensive article on the best dog food brands with reviews, tips, and guidance on taking care of your pooches on my website “DoggoLab.” So, I have carefully crafted a list of top brands for your fur babies to make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

I have collated the list of best large breed dog food reviews exclusively for your comfort.

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Best Large Breed Dog Food Brands: My Top 5 Picks

Product Highlight Our Rating
Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken Improves coat and skin, great taste 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Iams Proactive Health Large Breed No artificial preservatives 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food Weigh control formula and probiotics 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula  Nutrients for strong bones and teeth 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Proteins from natural sources 🏆🏆🏆🏆

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Best Large Breed Dog Food Reviews

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Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus Dog Food – A perfect choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs

Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus, Dry Dog Food

Based in Texas, Mid America Pet Food is known for producing nutritionally complete dog food and owns the Victor brand. Pet owners trust their recipes as they meet the high quality standards with the addition of scientifically advanced elements. This is a balanced and complete food for your pup.

You will find many pet food brands easily in the market, but this one is specially made for pups with sensitive stomach and supports their excellent digestive health. I would recommend this dry dog food as a perfect choice for your growing canine whether it is a pup, a lactating female, or a high performance pooch.

Victor dog food large breed contains the right proportion of carbs and protein. You will not find any potential allergens like corn, wheat, or soy. I recommended Victor Classic to a friend who had a growing, active puppy with stomach sensitivity problem. This product proved to be the ideal high protein diet that met his lovable pup’s activity level.

  • Contains only natural or plant based preservatives
  • High in protein
  • High quality ingredients
  • Ideal for dogs at all life stages

  • Not suitable for overweight dogs
  • Contains grains

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Taste of the Wild High Protein Dog Food – The best grain free large breed dog food

Taste of the Wild High Protein Dog Food

This is a trusted and premium brand of Diamond Pet Foods, a private food manufacturer based in the US. It is a relatively new brand but gained the trust of pet lovers due to its premium quality ingredients and standards. I recommend this non-grain formula due to a good amount of highly digestible protein sources that exactly follow what canines would find in the wild. In fact, this formula imitates dogs’ native diet. The flavor which I am currently reviewing is High Prairie – Roasted Bison & Venison which contains proteins sourced from beef, lamb, buffalo, chicken, etc. It also includes egg products, potato, pea protein, fruits, vegetables, fatty acids, chelated minerals, prebiotics, and natural preservatives to help maintain healthy weight, shiny skin and coat.

I am very cautious when it comes to selecting dog foods and have done tons of research. This formula is highly digestible, contains natural oxidants for a healthy immune system, and offers a great taste sensation.


  • Slightly expensive as compared to other brands

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Nutro Ultra Dog Food Large Breed – For healthy metabolism and weight

Nutro Ultra Dog Food Large Breed

This brand has been producing healthy pet food since 1926 and enjoys great popularity worldwide. I admire this brand due to its “Feed Clean” philosophy and formulating recipes with ingredients sourced from natural, non-GMO foods. If you are looking for a formula specially made for dogs that gain weight easily or those who are not very active, then you should buy this nutrient rich and flavorful food.

Nutro Ultra contains lots of high quality proteins with a good amount of fiber and less fat. It is absolutely free from meat by-products, soy, corn and contains seeds, veggies, grains, and fruits, making it a nourishing feast for your best friend. Many pet lovers find it difficult to get wholesome dog food without breaking the bank. This food is ideal for larger breeds with lots of high-quality protein at a reasonable price.

  • A perfect balance of proteins, fiber and fats
  • Reasonably priced

  • Not suitable for sensitive tummies

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Blue Buffalo Large Breed Dry Dog Food – The best weight management dog food for large breeds

Blue Buffalo Large Breed Dry Dog Food

The company comprehends what should be included in your pup’s diet and makes dog food based on their wild ancestry. It is highly respected among dog owners as a brand lives up to its slogan of “loving and feeding pets as family.” I really admire their holistic approach of cautiously selecting ingredients for complete and balanced pet nutrition. Each recipe is free from filers and takes care of the minimum nutritional needs of pooches. They have a variety of recipes suitable for weight management for every breed. The formula I am reviewing currently has real chicken for lean muscles, nutriments for healthy coat and joints.

Dog food should have the “right” amount of protein. In fact, its excess amount can make our dogs grow faster. They will be at the risk of injury or other problems as they age quickly. I recommend Blue Buffalo recipes as they have the right amount of nutritional components.

  • High quality kibble
  • Grain free and high protein formula
  • Ideal for healthy weight management
  • Positive reviews for the taste

  • A bit expensive

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Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food – The best dog food for large breeds

Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food

This brand has been producing food especially for dogs with intense nutritional demands for more than 30 years. Later, it was acquired by WellPet in 2010 to become a part of their other pet brands. Eagle Pack remains a premium brand among pet owners.

The Eagle Pack range consists of four varieties and formulated for Adult dogs i.e. for large and giant breeds. The variant I am reviewing contains chicken and pork protein sources.

They only use natural and premium ingredients with no artificial additives, meat by-products, corn, and wheat. Its balanced formula with proteins, fats, and carbs helps your large breed to stay fit and lean. The instruction specifically mentions that the product contains calcium, phosphorus for strong bones, glucosamine hydrochloride for joint support and necessary ingredients for coat health.

The company also makes sure that their formulas are well researched and performance proven with trainers. If you are thinking to switch to Eagle Pack adult food, I recommend consulting your vet first to advise you according to the breed.

  • Testing procedures to ensure quality
  • Ingredients only from named sources
  • Contains inulin for healthy gut bacteria
  • Contains digestible protein

  • Not grain free

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Nature's Recipe Grain Free Dry Dog Food – An easy to digest dog food

Nature's Recipe Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Big Heart Pet Brands, now part of J.M. Smucker Company, has been focused on creating health and happiness for pets with nutritious food. Pet lovers expect healthy food for optimal nutrition, and this brand lives up to its name. They make foods for every type of dog. The large breed grain free recipe contains chicken and chicken meal as the key ingredients with sweet potato, and pumpkin, making it an ideal digestible food for your big friend. The carbohydrates in this recipe are much better than the heavy ones used in other brands. In fact, I always want to see named animal protein sources in the ingredients list as they are natural and crucial for my dog’s health, and this brand offers that.

My friend’s dog had skin allergies, and I recommended this product. As she switched to Nature’s Recipe, we saw a visible difference in her dog’s coat and no more stomach issues. I firmly believe there is a strong connection between food and health, and this product is definitely a great choice for your pet.

  • Limited ingredient food
  • Grain free
  • Great for sensitive stomachs and food allergies

  • None

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Eukanuba Large Breed Dog Food – The perfect recipe in terms of taste

Eukanuba Large Breed Dog Food

The company website mentions it was established in the 1960s. Paul Lams, the founder, named his newly established company “Eukanuba,” a Jazz inspired name meaning “supreme/unmatched.” Just like the name says, its products are the best in terms of high quality ingredients, safety standards, and cleanliness during the manufacturing and handling process.

This protein rich food has big kibble pieces and suitable for adult dogs. It is also rich in fatty acids necessary for the healthy skin and radiant coat of dogs. Just a word of caution for some pet owners: this product uses carbohydrates from corn and wheat. If your fur baby is prone to gaining weight, then you should be careful.

  • Many positive reviews about the great taste of this pet food, mainly due to the addition of meat and vegetables
  • Few dog owners gave excellent reviews for beautiful coat and skin of their dogs
  • Many customers specifically mentioned their pups liked the food since they were tiny puppies. They don’t have any plans to change this food for anything

  • Includes grain and chicken by-product meal

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Iams Proactive Health Large Breed Dry Dog Food – The best large breed dog food

Iams Proactive Health Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Iams is undoubtedly one of the pet food manufacturers which is very popular among pet parents and enjoys great reputation due to healthy, tasty and affordable dog foods. It is one of the oldest dog food brands in the market. I recommend it as a well-balanced and nutritious food for your large breed adult dog.

This formula is suitable for your large breed who requires a diet to support his health and energy needs. It contains chicken as the main ingredient, but it is not very high in protein. Instead, it contains a balanced ratio of vegetables, whole grains, supplements, and many nutritious ingredients. Therefore, you should consider the lifestyle and health concerns of your dog before buying this brand as it is not exclusively rich in protein.

  • No fillers and artificial preservatives
  • High quality animal based protein
  • Great buy for your money
  • Has beneficial supplements
  • Does not include wheat or soy, only wholesome grain

  • Includes corn as the second ingredient
  • Some pet owners highlighted that protein is low

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Blue Buffalo Large Breed Dog Food Life Protection Formula

Blue Buffalo Large Breed Dog Food Life Protection Formula

This product is a great start for your young canine that meets their unique nutritional needs. Blue Buffalo brand is so popular that you can easily find it in pet supply stores. If you are looking for a high quality kibble to feed your adult dog, I recommend checking out this one. It’s a premium quality pet food brand which uses only protein rich real meat. It contains all the essential supplements to meet the special needs of your big dog. Blue Buffalo offers a range of dog food recipes making it easier for you to find the right option.

One of my neighbor’s dog was sensitive to the Blue Wilderness formula, so I recommended this one to resolve the problem. I always suggest considering your pup’s lifestyle before selecting a food product for him.

  • Contains high quality protein for lean muscle development
  • No corn, wheat or meat by-product meals are included
  • Has fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • Essential nutrients for strong bones and teeth

  • Not a grain free formula
  • Some pet owner mentioned the price is too high, but they still buy it as their dogs love its taste

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Diamond Naturals Large Breed Dog Food – An affordable choice for your pup

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Dog Food

Sometimes it is very confusing for dog owners to choose the best dog food as the aisle is packed to the rafters with many great choices. You are definitely going to find Diamond Naturals with several products lines catering to the needs of your dogs. While I consider the “naturals” line as above average, they have used many high quality ingredients that you will not find in similar grade dog food.

I have heard numerous positive feedback about the quality of this formula, so I do not hesitate in including this brand in my top twenty list of best dog food brands. This blend has different sources of nutrition and contains less fat, more protein, and no fillers or artificial additives.

  • Highly digestible and rich in nutrients
  • Fatty acids for beautiful skin and coat
  • Great reviews on curing skin allergies
  • Value for money

  • Not grain-free
  • Some people mentioned that their pups liked it so much, they wished a larger bag for their big dogs

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Nutro Wholesome Essentials Large Breed Dog Food – The best senior large breed dog food

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Large Breed Dog Food

Nutro is highly trusted by dog parents as a brand that uses ingredients from verified farmers and suppliers to ensure the well-being of your canine at different life stages. I am sure there are very few brands that strictly follow “feed clean” philosophy. Nutro is considered a premium brand due to trustworthy recipes, and its products are not particularly cheap. Many people have asked me if this brand is worth the price, and my answer is always yes.

This recipe is not super-high in calories and supports the health of your active senior pup. I recommend this brand because it adheres to the highest quality standards and offers a wide selection of well-balanced foods. This is a perfect brand for a physically inactive dog or a pup with the tendency to gain weight easily.

  • Sufficient protein level
  • Contains fatty acids for shiny skin and coat
  • Ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers

  • Not super affordable but many pet owners argue that it’s worth the price
  • Not grain-free

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Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Dog Food – For your pup’s great health

Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Dog Food

Purina does not need any introduction as it is a name you can always trust for the right nutrition. Pro Plan is the best product of Purina, which is a subsidiary of Nestle. They also make other brands of pet food. I love this company because you can visit their website and get an expert’s recommendation on the best Pro Plan formula that suits the lifestyle of your pup.

This product has proteins derived from chicken, making it an ideal choice for your adult large breed baby over 50lbs. I have read many positive reviews about the kibbles, which are the healthiest and contains meaty pieces for great taste. Just a word of caution, few dog owners mentioned their dogs became gassy.

  • Best formula for control weight and build lean muscles
  • Well-balanced level of ingredients like protein
  • Has probiotics for a healthy immune system
  • Value for money
  • Great for healthy joints

  • Occasional changes in formulas
  • Contains grains

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CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Dry Food – The best dry dog food for large breeds

CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Dry Food

Based in California, Canidae is considered a pretty reliable, and my friends swore about this brand being an absolute best for their pups. Finding a trustworthy brand is not an easy task as true premium brands are hardly few. Even companies claiming to add only natural ingredients use artificial elements which make you pup’s body bigger and heavier. Canidae foods, on the other hand, are proven formula for the well-being of your fur babies. There are mountains of great reviews to support this claim. Thats why, Canidae dog food are not very cheap.

Apart from products suitable for pups of all size and age, they have a specific food line for overweight and senior dogs. This product is best for families having more than one pooch and wanting to feed them with only one type of brand. However, you should be careful if their stomach is sensitive as it is not a grain free pet food.

  • Reputable brand
  • Sufficient level of protein and digestible carbs
  • Only natural ingredients used
  • Does not contain wheat, corn or soy
  • Suitable for all life stages

  • Little pricey
  • It would be great if glucosamine was added in the formula

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Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food – Best large breed dog food

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food

Wellness Natural Pet Food has been making dogs’ favourite recipes since the 90’s, and I consider them as a premium dog food producer. They make different variety of formulas suitable for allergies, weight management, and skin sensitivities. They even have a product made with raw meat for a high protein diet. Complete health is the best formula out of their four food lines. It is a perfect grain free alternative.

I love this product because it is prepared to give your pooch sufficient energy for a longer growth period. The company makes sure that it clearly labels its animal proteins. Another plus point from me for not including non-essential fillers, which are not healthy for your fur baby’s tummy.

  • No non-natural ingredients
  • Supplements for lustrous coat and skin
  • Calcium for strong teeth
  • Right proportion of essential nutriments
  • Solid choice for controlled calorie intake

  • Prepared entirely without wheat but contains rice

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Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food Large & Giant Breed Adult

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

WellPet LLC owns the Holistic product line and has a very good reputation for making high quality pet formulas. They claim that their pet food offers digestive health support to ensure nutriments are absorbed and utilized. This product contains natural elements and does away with wheat, meat by-products, and fillers. I have read many positive reviews about the great taste of this formula.

Just a word of caution, this product contain fat derived from chicken. You should consult your vet to check if your dog is allergic to this before buying this one.

  • Great for soft and shiny coat
  • Ideal food to solve digestive issues
  • Good value for money
  • Balanced meal for XXL dogs

  • It contains rice as the second ingredient

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Hill's Science Diet Large Breed Dog Food – The best diet dog food for large breeds

Hill's Science Diet Large Breed Dog Food

I love this brand because of their specialist formulations. Some of their products are made for breeds while some cater to canine conditions such as health of skin and coat, allergies, obesity, to name a few. This food is a solid choice for pups weighing more than 55lbs and suitable for dogs at each life stage.

As the name suggests, you should consider buying this product if your dog has a sensitive stomach or skin. It contains less protein, so the likelihood of an allergic reaction is low.

  • Nourishes skin and coat
  • Perfect for digestive issues
  • Good value for money
  • Has glucosamine to support healthy joints
  • Offers a variety of wet and dry foods

  • Contains wheat

Apart from these, I have read great reviews about 4health dog food large breed and Pedigree large breed dog food. Few of my friends have positively rated Innova large breed dog food ingredients as healthy for their pooches.

Now let’s take a look at some best weight management dog food for Large Breeds.

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Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food – Best weight management dog food for large breeds

Purina Pro Plan Weight Management Dry Dog Food

This is the second all natural Purina product, it contains less fat and is a great food for your less active or overweight adult pup. The company suggests a slow transition from regular dog food to Purina diet food to avoid any dietary upsets. Before you can witness the change, it is advisable to allow approx. ten days to ease the switching process.

  • Has good quality protein
  • Prebiotic fiber to healthy digestion
  • Nutrients for coat radiance and joint support

  • Non-grain formula

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Hill's Science Diet Dog Food – One of the best dog food brands for large breeds

Hill's Science Diet Dog Food

This dog food has been prepared to cater to the aging needs of your pup. I also recommend this product for weight management of your toy or small breed dog as there are no excess nutrients like salt. Even excess fat can be harmful over time, and this product is a low-fat food.

  • Clinically proven formula
  • All natural product
  • Great reviews about shiny coats and skin

  • A bit pricey but many reviewers say it’s worth the price
  • Non-grain formula

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Nutro Natural Healthy Weight Dog Food – The best senior dog food for large breed

Nutro Natural Healthy Weight Dog Food

I admire this company as they chose to produce informative literature about the dietary needs of your canine, their own ingredients and how their products can play a significant role in supporting your feline or canine’s health. There are very few brands that go this way instead of traditional advertising mediums. This dog food contains all essential supplements and caters to different life stages and breed sizes. If you’re looking for a brand to suit the healthy weight management needs of your adult dog, Nutro is the answer.

  • Great quality ingredients at a reasonable price
  • Contains supplements for healthy joints
  • Formulated with all natural, non-GMO contents

  • Contains grain as an ingredient

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Royal Canin Canine Care Nutrition Dog Food – The best dry dog food for large breed dogs

Royal Canin Canine Care Nutrition Dog Food

Royal Canin was founded in 1968 in France by a veterinary surgeon. He formulated a cereal based diet and treated many skin conditions in pets. Today, its products are sold worldwide.

The company’s research and quality standards are above and beyond, which is why you can always trust that their pet foods are of premium quality. This recipe is specially formulated for adult dogs getting fatter. With increased protein and less energy intake, your pups will maintain an ideal weight.

  • Excellent blend of food
  • Your canine won’t feel hungry in between meals
  • Supports bone and joint health

  • Non-grain formula

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FAQ Section

Сollie sitting in the room
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1. How can I find the best food brand for large breed dogs?

Well, there are many companies making high quality dog food, but you should always select a formula that has:

  • Supplements for great joints health;
  • No artificial ingredients and meat/poultry by-product meals;
  • Sufficient amount of calories to avoid obesity;
  • Features big kibbles to slow down the eating rate. Therefore, your dog won’t eat quickly and chew the food thoroughly. This also reduces GDV of bloat in dogs;
  • Is highly digestible;
  • Good in taste.

Apart from these factors, you should check the ingredients to make sure that there is no wheat, soy, etc. included as these are potential allergens. Depending on the lifestyle of your pooch, you should also consider whether high protein food would be a good choice or not.

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2. How to find out if I need to buy large breed food for my dog?

To help you out: dog food is based on the “breed type” but many people recommend checking the weight and size. You should ask your vet for brand recommendations and closely monitor your dog’s diet before buying a different food. Most of the times the nutritional content is not a problem, and if your pup can easily chew a large kibble, then it is fine.

Most pet food companies use the research to market their different food lines and if you measure your dog according to their definitions, you will get confused. You should always ensure that you are getting the best quality food for your fur baby.

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3. Is large breed food good for my pooch?

If your puppy is growing, you should feed him a well-balanced and wholesome food to fulfill his developmental needs. Dog foods are not one-size-fits-all, and you should carefully read the ingredients when choosing a brand. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to maintain a healthy growth rate for your canine friend. During his growth, too many calories and low amount of calcium may have an adverse impact. Large breed foods are low in fat and calories with balanced calcium to phosphorus proportion. Similarly, large breed dogs have different needs with respect to age related changes, and a balanced diet may help overcome these issues.

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4. When should my dog transition from puppy to adult food happen?

I would recommend switching to large breed food when your canine is somewhere between 18 to 24 months old. While many giant breed dogs are still growing till 24 months, and you may not predict his maturity accurately, a vet is the best resource to consult. He will give you the best advice according to age, breed, and size of your pooch. There is no need to worry whether your dog is going to like the food or not as many brands make tasty dog food such as diamond large breed dog food easily available online. I would say that switching to adult food is linked with proper nutrition, and you should begin the process slowly.

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5. Is it alright if my small dog eats large dogs food?

The kibble of an adult dogs food is bigger in size, and a smaller dog may choke trying to chew in a hurry. You might want to try some of the large breed food in the pet supply store, but the large kibble size has been made according to the jaws of the adult dogs.

These four-legged babies have fast metabolisms, so you should give them a high calorie food. I recommend following the feeding guide from their puppy stage to adolescence, otherwise, they will gain weight quickly.

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6. Is it fine if my medium pup eats large breed food?

At the maturity stage, medium dogs weigh somewhere between 21 to 50lbs, but adulthood might be difficult to predict. While you do love your pup and might have checked the ingredients of many best rated dog food for large breeds, I would recommend consulting a vet to help to begin the transition process.

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Dog owners love asking me about the best large breed dog food reviews. While there is no dog food which could be the best for every dog, you can find the best for you if it fulfills the needs of the pup you are feeding. This article was mainly focused on the best large breed dog food available in the pet stores or online and their pros and cons.

I am sure that I was able to solve your confusion and narrow down your options for the premium quality dog food for large breeds. I have analyzed many brands meticulously to give you a comprehensive assessment so you will be able to make the best decision for your cute fur baby. I have tried to include many great options, and you can choose the one according to your budget and nutritional needs of your pet. If you are considering taking your large dog off puppy food or getting the best weight management dog food for your fatty doggy, it would be a great idea to ask your vet. In both cases, he can help you choose the brand according to the required calorie intake. It should be a well-balanced food with nutrients from meat, grains, veggies, fruits with essential vitamins and supplements suitable for your dog’s digestive system.


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